Hello World! 31st May 2012 – Come Join and Support Our Quit Smoking Planet Pledge

Hi there, Welcome to my DONT’ JUST QUIT IT, CRUSH IT blog site!

My Name is Julian Leicester. I have a Worldwide Dream to create the biggest Quit Smoking Rally Event in the world on 31st May 2012 at 1:00pm in all major cities in the nations of the world.

I am the author of the book “The Science to Quit Smoking” and nicknamed “The Cigarette Slayer”.  The number of smokers has risen close to 40% adult population even though many national statistic won’t admit. I have tried many futile attempt to get the authorities and companies to help out smokers and it has been challenging. The world is paranoid that it cannot quit smoking.

So I have decided to act in a different way… The 2012 World Health Authority (WHO) Theme is “tobacco industry interference”. We must play an important role to promote “the smoke free human cities” in this world. Many woman, men and kids are influence and affected by the smoking habits of their love ones and working environments. Also, young people are smoking more today. We love and value our family at home and health is the heart of our family. Without good health, our family harmony and well being will be affected drastically.

I am today asking all citizen’s of this planet with the most appreciation of my heart to help us make this ‘planet wide’ rally a reality. I am not an internet blog expert or the social media marketing  wiz.  I am really appeal to you kind people of the world to assist me in promoting this rally to all your friends, their friends and anyone you are in contact who smokes. Today I need all the bloggers in the world to ‘wild fire’ spread out and reach to all smokers.

I need volunteer “Country Ambassadors” and “City Directors” to work with me and my volunteer team on this massive project. Contact us soon, by completing the online forms available in this site.

Authorities are talking of curbing pollution in the world. The green house impact, the changing climates are in the major news, yet we are so relax and not aggressive enough when it comes to cigarettes and their creators.  The massive poisonous pollution intake in our lungs is seriously affecting our human existence and DNA composition. I met a teacher in a school in Borneo and he said 80% of their kids in school smoke. These are serious impact to our kids in the future.

Dear mothers, will you not be concern? Yet, we are not getting the authorities to intervene in this matter effectively simply because tobacco tax still brings revenue to them. If Asian countries smoking population exceed 50% population, this is going to be irreversible and continuous hard-earned incomes and tax payers money will be wasted and up in smoke. It’s time we get all our spouse, mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunties,nieces, friends and work with our health authorities to take action on our love ones who smoke to not just quit smoking but to crush it out of existence. Yes Cigarette must be Crushed!

Its time we need to rebrand the habit in our mind to a new healthy focus for pleasure. We must start keeping our homes and offices smoke free!

This 31st March 2012, on World No Tobacco Day, lets all every smoker come out in public, especially at the designated campaign areas whether in your city or in your office and give your highest support at 1:00pm, raising your will and arms in the air with sure decision to enforce a complete commitment for your health and loudly saying with all the other smokers in the world “Don’t Just Quit It, CRUSH IT!”. Then take a cigarette and throw it on the ground and stomp it and crush it in defiant and everlasting victory!

It’s that simple! Come help me and my team make it happen. Calling all Malaysian and International star celebrities in the world to come contact us and be part of our global voice to encourage smokers to participate on that day. Calling all the media organisations, many cancer societies worldwide ; anti tobacco agencies; quit smoking therapies and websites to spread this rally details to all smokers you know. I want to even invite , Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Mayor Bloomberg, Bill Gates quit smoking foundation and Oprah to come and support our nobel quest.

Get Ready! Never before is the world going to be educated on the biggest quit cigarette addiction using media and electronic info medias. We are Branding HEALTH worldwide! And we are coming forward to put a stop to smoking in their homes!

Bloggers and internet marketeers, we love you because you have the most highest potential to skillfully broadcast to the ends of the world, spreading and calling smokers to participate in this rally. Thank you for you kind assistance. Contact us.

I am so happy for all you friends in the world to come forward to support. God just bless you and the world. This is powerful global transformation and teamwork.

I believe only people can help people! Let’s change the mindset about smoking. Don’t Just Quit It, CRUSH IT!

Thank You,

Don’t Just Quit It, CRUSH IT! Rally Founder
Organising Global Management Team



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Dear Smokers….It’s a Season of Goodwill, Not NoWill!

It is fast approaching the end of 2010. It’s a Season of Goodwill but sadly also a Season of No Will!  Enough of fooling yourself about making a New Year resolution to quit smoking! Let create something brand new! Let’s create a new habit to just inhale fresh clean air again. Want to know how you can do it, read on.

 If you want to get a habit – say you want to ride a bike – you have to consciously think and practise putting your feet on the pedals, your hands on the handle bars and then try to balance. If you carry on doing that enough times, your subconscious mind will take it on board and you no longer have to think about what your feet and hands are doing.  You will now only think about what is happening on the road and focus on your destination because you’re subconscious does the rest automatically.

 Nobody trains to get a bad habit, so smoking isn’t a bad habit. It may be unhealthy, but it was not bad at the time you started doing it – because you wanted to do it. It seems a cool thing to do, relaxing and fun. By the time it had become a habit and you decided that you did not want to continue smoking; it was very hard to stop because you had already programmed the habit to be there.  That is when it became a bad habit to you.

 Imagine if you could easily stop habits, then suppose you were driving along in the middle of the highway and you suddenly lost the habit of driving.  Can you imagine how dangerous that would be?  So, that is the reason why all habits are maintained and enforced and not given up easily.

 To create a habit is that you must practice it.  Likewise, how you get out of a habit is that you must practice out of it.  That is why you have a problem – because your subconscious mind is preventing you from changing until it makes certain that you are ready to change.  The subconscious does not make a judgement on whether a habit is good or bad.  As far as the subconscious is concerned, its job is to enforce habits regardless…. until your conscious has practiced you out of the habit…. And that would be a lot of hard work wouldn’t it!

When a smoker tries to give up smoking, the subconscious is still nudging them to carry on smoking. Have you done this before? You have decided to stop, but when it is time for your next cigarette, the conscious mind then comes in and says that it is not good to smoke, it is dangerous and it will probably kill you. Don’t smoke, Crush it!

 The conscious mind is giving you reasons why you must stop smoking, whilst the subconscious nudges “must smoke now” and create the urge for a cigarette.

 It is important to know that any habit can be formed at any time in life. If you decide to start eating a chocolate bar before going to bed each night and you repeat that every night.  Eventually it would become a habit and you would expect to have your chocolate bar every night.  If your chocolate box was empty, then you would probably be a little irritated because now the subconscious is creating the urge to have the chocolate bar. Get it!

 You need to change your habit in the subconscious filing system and replace the satisfaction with something more beneficial to you.  It could be something as simple as deep breathing for relaxation, exercising, hobbies or enhancing your self-confidence. The satisfaction must be taken away from the cigarettes and transferred to something that is more advantageous. This removes the cigarettes without taking away anything that is enjoyable

 Once the reasons and satisfaction has been removed from the cigarette, you will actually see the cigarette for what it really is, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Previously, you had looked at the cigarette and it looked harmless.  Now, you will see the truth. In fact, the smell and taste of the cigarette is disgustingly now.